The Indefatigable Constant

A poem of self-love

Alice Armour
2 min readMar 9, 2022


Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Allow me to step in
while you carefully stitch
your heart back together
amidst seductive streams
in the stench of the city
as you travel streets empty
fiercely harbouring
profound healing.

I’ve contemplated
the bubbling of sudden tears
as you hear songs of autumn
on the edge of town
where you ring in calm
away from the barrio
that instigated
loss and love.

I’ve noticed your ache
when ego-rage emerges
as inconclusive energies
shut you out of a narrative
you seek to be in—
striving as you are,
miraculously unscathed
by intrepid feeling.

I hear your prayers
late in the lonely night
harnessing transmutation
of desires unsatisfied,
connections one-sided
and projections dispelling
painful truths waiting
to be assimilated.

You’ve been writing love letters
to strangers you’ve just met
and boys from the past who grew
into cold-hearted men—
yet the only one
whose love you yearned
to be poured into entire
was yourself.

Heart-full or soul-blasted,
in sick joy, in pain of health,
aligned in hope
or drifting despair
you have been
the indefatigable constant
powering through
those ceaseless travails.



Alice Armour

AA is your unknown lover. Mother host to heart-led souls. Reverberating fragments of feeling. Unearthing the truth that I forgot.